Playing with LTSpice and a preview on the Lightsaber circuitry

LTSpice LTC3114 Simulation

So recently I’ve been playing with LTSpice (sparingly of course since I have standardized tests coming up) and this is actually my first time doing any circuit simulation with a SPICE program. The circuit you see above is a buck-boost regulator using the LTC3114-1 from Linear Technology, honestly though their chips are really expensive…but I guess it’s worth the extremely good quality control and design support/tools they provide. At this point I’m still getting my head around the compensation loop and all that complicated stuff (at least for a novice like me), I’m definitely biting more than I can chew…

That aside I’m testing out the theoretical efficiency and tweaking the values to optimize the size vs efficiency vs functionality trade-offs. Trade-offs, trade-offs and more trade-offs, they are everywhere in the electronics world. Oh and btw this circuit is the main IC power supply converter for the lightsaber, hopefully the thing can run on a wide voltage supply range.

Finally happy pi day and first post of 2016✌️

The lightsaber project will go full steam in May!!! Until then….MTFBWY!

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