Playing with JavaFX

It’s time to learn how to make GUIs for my programs and I was thinking if using Swing till I found out there was a newer package for making GUIs and here I am trying to learn how to use JavaFX. I guess I will start with a simple phonebook program and work my way up 🙂 I use IntelliJ for my coding and honestly it is way more awesome than Eclipse.

JavaFX PhoneBook


And yes followed some tutorials so very unoriginal, but hey at least it’s a start.

Over a month online!

It’s been over a month since this server got online, took me a while to get this started since I self host on one of my computers running Ubuntu Server. Honestly it’s not that hard, the terminal in Linux is much more powerful than the command line in Windows. I have learned a lot in the process such as how to edit files in terminal using vim and other command line utilities which are actually really useful if you learn how to use them. Anyways 1 month milestone is long gone and let’s strive for 1 year 😉