Goodbye Bukkit, it’s been a good run.

I know it’s a little late to say this but the Bukkit project is going down and personally I really think it’s a shame to see it go down just like that. The news was originally posted here.

Once again great things always get pulled down by legal issues, not that I’m saying that the project was in the right to mod somebodies work, but I think that Bukkit has made what minecraft is today. Without it we wouldn’t have mini games, awesome creation builds, and other sweet plugins. Otherwise we would be stuck with vanilla servers which totally suck imo. And most importantly I guess I wouldn’t have gotten into coding in Java which I find is an awesome language to write in, just plain easy.

Though were not sure if Mojang will continue it, I hope they do so I can continue coding my plugin. Mojang your ruining it for yourself, srsly just give them a license so they can continue being awesome :/ Anyways goodbye Bukkit, it’s been a good run.