New Project: Lightsaber

Here we now begin with a new project: The lightsaber

Of course it won’t be a real one, otherwise I would be winning a Nobel Prize right now. It’ll be one that uses those Polycarbonate Pipes and probably a aluminium or steel hilt. It will contain custom electronics brewed up by me also! Anyways here is some concept art on the design.

Whole lightsaber hilt desgin

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Remnants of The Past: The First Project, The First Tesla Coil


This is a Remnant of The Past, the first project that started my journey on the road of electronics. The thing you see above is the first Tesla Coil I ever built, and the first project ever having to do with electronics. This project started sometime after I started my first year in high school, looking back it has already been 5 years since then. It all started when the younger me had watched Read More