Game Review – Silent Hill : Homecoming

Some horror and gore elements are present below, viewer discretion is advised. For those who have played this game before. You must be asking : This game is old, why this again? For some reasons, I played Resident Evil when I was young. To be honest, early Resident Evil games were pretty scary ones. Some jumps from the nasty creatures can scare you to death. However, later Resident Evil series ware more like shooters to me. So does Silent Hill have the same fate as Resident Evil does? For me I think not. Although the fear factor in Silent Hill : Homecoming has reduced due to the ridiculously high combat skill of Alex. Silent Hill : Homecoming is the sixth installment from the horror game series “Silent Hill”. This game series is mostly famous because of its visibility, the bloody red environment and most of all, the atmosphere can completely correspond with the scene you are in. Silent Hill offers not only terrible monsters without faces, it also provides players to have the chance of dealing with different types of puzzles, where keys are hidden secretly somewhere. Actually, Silent Hill : Homecoming was released quite a long time ago. But still, its horror level is among the top these days. If you do not compare this game with the older games, this is pretty much one where you are going to have to anticipate for some unpredictable events. [Photo obtained from :

homecoming-screenshots.html] SilentHill 2009-02-27 02-01-32-40 “Silent Hill : Homecoming. Alex was going after Josh, his little brother. Who was trapped in Silent Hill”

Comparing with Resident Evil. The major difference between Silent Hill and Resident Evil is that the gameplay is completely different. In Resident Evil, you grab your gun and fight all of them in front of you. However in Silent Hill, you are strongly suggested to move slowly, quietly and best to move without your flashlight turned on. So that is exactly what makes Silent Hill more scary. You are thinking of moving slowly and avoiding to be seen by the monsters. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you catch the monsters’ attention but you do not mean to do that. And then they come right in front of you in a blink of an eye. Another thing that can catch our breath so hard is the very famous siren in all Silent Hill games. It is the symbol of fear in Silent Hill. All buildings turn red which is also known as the transition to Otherworld. The nightmarish parallel universe turns the original environment to be an even scarier place than before. Imagine you are walking in the corridor in Alchemilla Hospital (The medical center in Silent Hill). Hearing babies cry with a lack of power source in the corridor. Then a siren comes across your ears. The whole environment vanishes and becomes bloody red. That is the existence of the Otherworld. Breathtaking moments are always seen in Silent Hill : Homecoming. Silent_Hill_5_Screen_2 “The bloody red wall symbolizes Alex in the Otherworld. As seen in the picture, a nurse without a face was holding a knife walking towards Alex.”

Let us go deeper into the gameplay experience of Silent Hill : Homecoming. To be honest, I have not played the earlier Silent Hill game series before. You may say I have missed something very important in my “Silent Hill life”. But this game was not really that bad at all. At least comparing with the more shooter-based Resident Evil 6. Silent Hill : Homecoming has really delivered me a startling gaming feel. The game did not provide as many weapons as Resident Evil does. But that is how a horror game should be. The lack of resources is completely an important role of making a horror game more scary. I have seen from a lot of other Internet posts saying Silent Hill 3 was so far the scariest Silent Hill game ever. As I have never tried Silent Hill 3 before. I could not imagine how terrible the environment in Silent Hill 3 could be. Silent Hill : Homecoming has already made me really scared and sometimes I had to turn it off immediately to cool down myself. Some people really did say the combat effectiveness in Silent Hill : Homecoming has greatly increased and thus reduced the fear factor of the game. But if it really is the reason that make a game’s fear factor decrease. Then I must confess, Resident Evil 6 has characters that have too many combat skills which make the fear factor drop to almost zero. silent-hill-homecoming-screenshot-lurker “Alex holding his combat knife and fighting a monster next to his house in Shepherd’s Glen.”

In conclusion, as I am completely new to Silent Hill game series. Silent Hill : Homecoming delivered me a completely new experience. Although it has really scared me to death, that’s what a horror game should be right? Scores for Silent Hill : Homecoming : Gameplay : 9/10 Graphics : 7/10 Controls : 6/10 Story : 8/10 Overall : 8/10 If you guys have not played Silent Hill before and have the guts to try it. You really should not miss this game. Silent Hill was rated the first in “Top 10 Scariest Game of all times” by GameTrailer. So what is the point of ignoring this game if you really want to try it out?

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