Divergence Meter Project Update 1

AND ITS HERE! The boards finally came from the fab and they surprisingly good for such a cheap price (~240HKD) They even sent an extra 2 for a total of 12 each 😀 )though the smaller print on the silkscreen is still missing that special touch but otherwise it looks really good.

Here’s a photo of the boards, some of the chips and the Nixie Tubes (only 6 T.T got to buy 2 more)

Left board: Nixie Tube Board Right Board: Main Board
Left board: Nixie Tube Board Right Board: Main Board

The left board is the Nixie Tube board where the HV5622 and the Nixies will sit and the right one is the Main board where the power supply and control circuitry go. The chips from top to bottom are HV5622, DS3232 and the MAX1771 (Not gonna use it in this design but it used to be on there!) I got those 3 chips for free as samples from Microchip and Maxim so big thanks to them! The tubes were from my sister so big thanks to her also!

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Divergence Meter Project

Edit: It’s complete! Click here to go see it!

I’m currently making a divergence meter replica based on this guys design

Though of course I have added my own twist to it and have some added features.

The main differences are:

  1. Additional Features:
    • 5 switches possible! Could be less if you tweak the software
    • Buzzer/Speaker output 😀 hurray for alarms in the morning
    • Light Sensor to detect night time to conserve power and extend Nixie tube life (could probably act as a basic motion sensor with some software magic)
  2. Improvements/Slight changes:
    • Should be able to fit 2x9V batteries instead of one so more portable cosplay time 😀
    • Should be able to fit 2xAA RTC backup battery so it keeps track of time accurately for theoretically over a year.
    • Interrupt based instead of Polling to conserve even more battery
    • Uses the larger but cheaper and more available version of the HV5622
    • Integrated switching power supply instead of a bought module
    • Uses an AVR instead of a PIC (I chose it because it can be reprogrammed by AVR tools and a PICKIT2 if you happen to have any of those)
    • Mostly SMD parts to make look all good when your showing off the innards XD
    • Miku silhouette included
  3. Limitations:
    • Can only use the DS3232 RTC and not the DS1307

Other than that it should be largely the same 🙂

Here are some not so 3D 3D models :3

Main Board 3D Model:

A 3D model generated by Diptrace of the Divergence Meter Main Board
A 3D model generated by Diptrace of the Divergence Meter Main Board

(I didn’t know what to add in the battery area so i just stuck a Miku silhouette in there :3 )

Nixie Tube Board 3D Model:

A 3D model generated by Diptrace of the Divergence Meter Nixie Board
A 3D model generated by Diptrace of the Divergence Meter Nixie Board

Just to let you know I don’t even know if I can do this, so don’t get your hopes too high lol I just wanted to share this with you all~~~~~ I got most of the parts but I’m currently waiting for the PCBs to come from the fab so after that I’ll begin assembling it 😀 I hope in time for the summer anicon so that I can show it off :p oh and if you want you could give out some ideas that I can implement in software (not in hardware cuz thats already set in stone)

El Psy Congroo


Want to continue? Go read Update 1!

NOTE: The divergence meter is a fictional device from the anime Steins;Gate, it’s used to calculate the Attractor Field of a universe/timeline so that they can be differentiated. For more information go to http://steins-gate.wikia.com/wiki/Divergence_Meter

Goodbye Bukkit, it’s been a good run.

I know it’s a little late to say this but the Bukkit project is going down and personally I really think it’s a shame to see it go down just like that. The news was originally posted here.

Once again great things always get pulled down by legal issues, not that I’m saying that the project was in the right to mod somebodies work, but I think that Bukkit has made what minecraft is today. Without it we wouldn’t have mini games, awesome creation builds, and other sweet plugins. Otherwise we would be stuck with vanilla servers which totally suck imo. And most importantly I guess I wouldn’t have gotten into coding in Java which I find is an awesome language to write in, just plain easy.

Though were not sure if Mojang will continue it, I hope they do so I can continue coding my plugin. Mojang your ruining it for yourself, srsly just give them a license so they can continue being awesome :/ Anyways goodbye Bukkit, it’s been a good run.

Playing with JavaFX

It’s time to learn how to make GUIs for my programs and I was thinking if using Swing till I found out there was a newer package for making GUIs and here I am trying to learn how to use JavaFX. I guess I will start with a simple phonebook program and work my way up 🙂 I use IntelliJ for my coding and honestly it is way more awesome than Eclipse.

JavaFX PhoneBook


And yes followed some tutorials so very unoriginal, but hey at least it’s a start.

Over a month online!

It’s been over a month since this server got online, took me a while to get this started since I self host on one of my computers running Ubuntu Server. Honestly it’s not that hard, the terminal in Linux is much more powerful than the command line in Windows. I have learned a lot in the process such as how to edit files in terminal using vim and other command line utilities which are actually really useful if you learn how to use them. Anyways 1 month milestone is long gone and let’s strive for 1 year 😉