Blast from the past hardware: ZIP Drive

This is a series of personal thoughts about the old hardware that we have in our hands.

One day my professor gave me this old box ( He was cleaning up his office since he was about to leave :c ) and inside it was some ancient hardware, maybe most of you recognize Hard Drives and DVD Drives, some of the more luckier ones the Floppy Drive, but I have something even less common —– the ZIP Drive. Yes it maybe more new tech than the Floppy Drive but it is still pretty old and  more rare than it.  Read More

PCB UV exposure time calibration board

Usually getting the right exposure time for you PCBs(Printed Circuit Boards) is really hard, and I had a board fail on me recently because I switched my transparent medium( The thing I use to press the transparencies onto the blank PCB ) from a glass plate to acrylic sheets. Before, I found my exposure time just right ranging from 9-14 mins, but after using the same exposure time on acrylic sheet mediums the board came out as a disaster because the photo resist didn’t hold. Here is a picture of the failure:

DRSSTC Board Failure

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