Divergence Meter Project

Edit: It’s complete! Click here to go see it!

I’m currently making a divergence meter replica based on this guys design

Though of course I have added my own twist to it and have some added features.

The main differences are:

  1. Additional Features:
    • 5 switches possible! Could be less if you tweak the software
    • Buzzer/Speaker output 😀 hurray for alarms in the morning
    • Light Sensor to detect night time to conserve power and extend Nixie tube life (could probably act as a basic motion sensor with some software magic)
  2. Improvements/Slight changes:
    • Should be able to fit 2x9V batteries instead of one so more portable cosplay time 😀
    • Should be able to fit 2xAA RTC backup battery so it keeps track of time accurately for theoretically over a year.
    • Interrupt based instead of Polling to conserve even more battery
    • Uses the larger but cheaper and more available version of the HV5622
    • Integrated switching power supply instead of a bought module
    • Uses an AVR instead of a PIC (I chose it because it can be reprogrammed by AVR tools and a PICKIT2 if you happen to have any of those)
    • Mostly SMD parts to make look all good when your showing off the innards XD
    • Miku silhouette included
  3. Limitations:
    • Can only use the DS3232 RTC and not the DS1307

Other than that it should be largely the same 🙂

Here are some not so 3D 3D models :3

Main Board 3D Model:

A 3D model generated by Diptrace of the Divergence Meter Main Board
A 3D model generated by Diptrace of the Divergence Meter Main Board

(I didn’t know what to add in the battery area so i just stuck a Miku silhouette in there :3 )

Nixie Tube Board 3D Model:

A 3D model generated by Diptrace of the Divergence Meter Nixie Board
A 3D model generated by Diptrace of the Divergence Meter Nixie Board

Just to let you know I don’t even know if I can do this, so don’t get your hopes too high lol I just wanted to share this with you all~~~~~ I got most of the parts but I’m currently waiting for the PCBs to come from the fab so after that I’ll begin assembling it 😀 I hope in time for the summer anicon so that I can show it off :p oh and if you want you could give out some ideas that I can implement in software (not in hardware cuz thats already set in stone)

El Psy Congroo


Want to continue? Go read Update 1!

NOTE: The divergence meter is a fictional device from the anime Steins;Gate, it’s used to calculate the Attractor Field of a universe/timeline so that they can be differentiated. For more information go to http://steins-gate.wikia.com/wiki/Divergence_Meter

PCB UV exposure time calibration board

Usually getting the right exposure time for you PCBs(Printed Circuit Boards) is really hard, and I had a board fail on me recently because I switched my transparent medium( The thing I use to press the transparencies onto the blank PCB ) from a glass plate to acrylic sheets. Before, I found my exposure time just right ranging from 9-14 mins, but after using the same exposure time on acrylic sheet mediums the board came out as a disaster because the photo resist didn’t hold. Here is a picture of the failure:

DRSSTC Board Failure

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