Divergence Meter Project Update 3

All the circuit boards are finally assembled!!! And I only can say THEY WORK!!! 😀 Though of course there are some parts of the design which make me think about my design skills :/ well pictures first!

Both boards together front view
Both boards together front view

We have here the front view of the boards together, In this pic only a single screw is holding them together(on bottom left corner almost covered by the wires.) Then we see the dangling wires all about which connect to the batteries/switch which will be mounted on the steel plate walls 😀

Anyways here’s the thing with some of its tubes in action:


EDIT: Well for some reason wordpress doesn’t let me embed the damn gifs so uhh here are the links instead
You can see in those gifs the extra long spacers lol, those will be replaced with screws later on~~

I guess that’s it for this update, catch ya next time

El Psy Congroo,


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